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"We invented, pioneered and created SEO in the mid nineties, at the time we did not know, it just happened, long before Google even existed."

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting a web site higher in the search results on the search engines by optimising it using keywords and phrases

What are the benefits

The benefit is, well you know the answer to this already, if you do a search for something on google, how often do you got past the 1st page? so it's important to be at the top to increase your web site traffic


SEO is a long term plan and not a short term solution, it takes time to get postions and you need to be very very patient, but in the end it will pay off

How can we help

We can help by planning a strategy with you using our almost 3 decades of experience, longer than anyone or any other company in the UK. If you dont choose us, ensure you choose someone with at least 10 -5 years experience or they will only know what they have read online and in SEO groups - thats simply not enough

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About Webdesign

Darwen Lancashire BB3 1PL
Webdesign local to Darwen and Lower Darwen in Lancashire

Our History

“it's hard to believe it's been almost 3 decades for us, as the inventors SEO”

Our journey started in 1994 and over the years we have pioneered webdesign and SEO in the UK and was the 1st dedicated webdesign company in the country. We have built hundreds of websites for all types of industry and have uncomparable skills and knowldege in SEO and development with such a lengthy history.
Q. Who invented SEO? A. Paul Thompson did in the mid nineties

Our Webdesign Brand is 24web

A website is never finished, it is always evolving

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A Cool Head
A Cool Head
It is our job, to teach and guide you as an extension of your own office
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Captains Chair
We are happy to meet and discuss with whoever is in charge of your web development
We are Joomla Specialists
Joomla specialists
Search Engine Optimisation

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“A Different Kind Of Company, Making a Difference to Yours”
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